We want to create harmony between the planet and its people

We want to make climate action easy and transparent for consumers and businesses.

We offer impact-related features such as tree planting or carbon offsetting to our customers.

This dashboard helps us to be transparent about our supported impact projects.

Carbon credit projects globally

Proportion of offsets by country


Quantity of carbon credits purchased per project type

Trees planted globally

Cultivated trees purchased


Cumulative Retired Carbon Credits

How we support climate protection

We consider multiple Sustainable Development Goals in the project selection to support carbon offsetting and tree planting. This ensures that each initiative includes important co-benefits such as improved livelihoods of the local people, clean-water access or access to quality education

How we ensure project effectiveness

For our carbon offsetting, we only select projects that have been verified by an internationally renowned organization, such as Verra or Gold Standard. Each project receives an individual serial number and is publicly shared in emission registries so that double-counting, or other forms of fraud, are avoided. We require at least semi-annual impact reports from all our tree planting partners.

How we communicate transparency

We aim to select those projects where we can get in direct exchange with the project developers because we value credibility and transparency - not least on behalf of you, our customers. We want to make sure that the emission reductions or reforestation that each project promises are actually realized.

We lead by example

We have committed to offsetting our own business emissions and the emissions that all of our employees cause in their day-to-day lives.

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